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What Could the World Be?

Just imagine. Use your amazing human creative power to envision the most beautiful, healthy, progressive, abundant and happy world you can come up with.

Now start at the basics.

Let's not go to Mars yet... How would YOU feel? How would everyone else feel? How would we all treat each other? And how would we treat our common home? This is the foundation. The roots and the trunk. If these are healthy, our branches can reach infinity

If we don't care about ourselves, about everyone else and about our planet... Well, if you are reading this you sort of know how that looks like. We need to start caring. Now. Care care care care care care. And we know how to do that.

Remember last time you did something great for yourself? That time you set that goal, you followed through, and you felt so amazing about it? Or that time you felt great after doing some running, hiking, yoga, qigong, swimming, meditation, workout or whatever else that makes you feel amazing?

Remember last time someone did something beautiful for you, or treated you with extra kindness? How good did that feel? And what about last time you did something genuine and good for someone? Didn't that feel amazing too?

In terms of doing the right things for the planet we live in... well, a lot of us have a lot to catch up with. The good news is that WE KNOW what we are doing wrong and we have most of the solutions to the problems, and a lot of them depend on our daily choices and lifestyle. So come on everyone! Let's push it a bit, for your own sake and everyone else's. It's going to feel amazing, I promise!

When we imagine how amazing the world could be, it may be so different that we can be afraid of it, consciously or not. I say we embrace it. Fall in love with your vision and marry it.

Our beliefs and behavior are at the root of all the problems, so that will always be the first thing to be addressed

A bit of mythos:

Let's take it one step at a time and keep making progress. Eiwaz in norse mythology. Steady progress.

Because of the times we live in though, it's okay to do it two, three or ten steps at a time. Let Ragnarok play –the death and letting go before the new birth of a better tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more encouragement and tips.

Love you all!

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