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Life After Survival: Beyond Sustainability

Sustainability in itself is a matter of survival. It answers the question: How can we survive, not only today, but tomorrow as well?


It is a very important and foundational concept, so basic that it actually goes along with primal thinking. This should be the first thing humanity should have figured out (and definitely has already in the past and hopefully the future) and one of the first criteria to be met when making any decision. Unfortunately, we got derailed and have developed so much in the wrong direction that it now seems difficult to integrate this component into our decision making processes. We really need to understand that it is so vital, basic and simple (really), that it should run automatically in our minds, to the point where we don't even entertain ideas that violate sustainable development. Because, what's the point? We have learned already.

Poking a little

As long as we remain caught in this loop, not knowing what is most important, putting our comfort and immediate gratification (fair to say: parasitic behavior) before the well-being of the many, and our planet: Stuck Stuck Stuck and then Poof Poof Poof... bye bye


The sooner we get this, the sooner we will be able to move into our next step in the evolution of humanity–which is really exciting–or the more chances there will be for a next step to even happen.

Do it and feel good

So we get over it and choose to start living an honorable life that will ensure the continuation and progress of humanity and make you feel good about your life. Without making it a big deal, you know? Trust me, you will feel good about it. Since you already know the consequences of your less-than-ideal choices, even if it's just a little bit and even if you are not consciously thinking about it, you still feel blame subconsciously.

Or keep making excuses

In my opinion, that is why some people negate the existence of human-created climate change, because that way they can justify their actions... The same happens when we say: "oh well, just because I change that won't do anything, because I'm just one". Well, that's all you can do anyways, so you better move your ass!

Beyond sustainability and into common sense

The thing is, even if there was no climate change, creating lots of waste and polluting the air is equally harmful. IT DOESN'T MATTER whether this creates large scale changes in weather patterns. So we need to look at our actions beyond the frame of sustainability.

You would think that ensuring survival should be a good enough reason, but even for someone that does not believe in "this stuff", you know what happens when you breathe what comes out of your car's exhaust pipe. No good! For anyone! No arguing with that! Common sense and responsibility. No need to be green, an ecologist, a green thumb, an earth hero, a savior...

And you know that deforesting–along with all the other things in the list of "humans destroying things"–is wrong for so many reasons. It is a matter of coexistence and respect for other lifeforms as much as the understanding that without trees, we die. I know, I am getting truly scientific here, hehe ->

Bottom line

Let's de-conceptualize and forge a new understanding of cause and effect that doesn't involve ideologies, but common sense, care and knowledge.

Sometimes it's pretty black and white and sometimes there are blurry lines... If you keep reading on this website, you may or may not gain some insight!

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