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We Are Gardens!

When you work on recreating land and nature, you start seeing the patterns of the world in a different way.


People are like gardens. If you don't put any effort into designing, nurturing and maintaining them, they will be a result of the surrounding environment and circumstances. You will find growing in them things that weren't intentionally put there... A waste of potential!

A result of your environment

If you haven't worked on your garden, it will probably be full of weeds, or maybe just bare soil depending on your climate, maybe with some trash here and there... In essence, not a very good use of your land's potential. Weeds are not bad per se, they just grow if nothing else is growing, filling a niche that was vacant.

The same happens with us: a person that puts no effort in creating themselves and using their potential will be in the analogous situation. It will be a result of what society, culture, family, media etc have shaped them as. You will find growing in them whatever seeds happen to fall inside them. I am not here to judge whether that is good or bad, but one thing is certain: that will usually be far and different from a person's full potential.

In some places weeds can make a beautiful contribution and even be edible. It's a whole lot better than bare soil, that's for sure! However, they give a chaotic look and can become hard to get rid of the longer they stay. It completely depends on the weed in question. You might end up with something that's great, easy to work with, beautiful... And this seems to happen with people too, though on rare occasions, it does occur that people are brought up in a certain way and happen to be incredibly amazing and good hearted. The truth is that this is usually the result of conscious effort and choices. Lots of effort! But maybe they carried a couple of great weeds in them that really helped them flourish. Know thyself and you shall flourish!

Dealing with your weeds:

In a garden, the state of the soil will determine what kinds of seeds can germinate. The state of someone's soul (let's just use that word) will determine what seeds will grow in them as well. In other words, some people will succumb to "bad" behaviors when exposed to them while others won't.

It is believed that in undisturbed nature, weeds cannot germinate. This is true in theory, and to some extent, in reality. We humans have been very disturbed and disconnected from our nature, which allows lots of weeds and invasive plants to grow within us.

One thing to be particularly careful about are the above mentioned invasive weeds (this is a controversial topic in the plant world, by the way), because they can take over and lock the soil, impeding anything else from growing. Not only that, but they can also spread into your neighbor's yards and take over huge areas, just like our behaviors, opinions, emotions...!

The way to go is you dig deep down and get those invasive plants (or behavioral, mental, emotional patterns) out from the root! And at the same time, you need to start nurturing your soil and changing it so that those nasty weeds stop wanting to grow in you... I mean, in your garden, sorry ;)

Planting the new

As soon as you pull out the weeds, you need to sow the right seeds and start watering them right away. And what are the right seeds? Well, sometimes it's not a good idea to plant your top plant first. Your soil will need to regenerate before being ready for certain plants. See, in nature there is this thing called succession, a process by which an ecosystem goes from simple to complex in a sequence marked by the kinds of plant communities that are growing. After a major disturbance (like deforesting or a fire), the ecosystem starts over the sequence, and the first plants that grow are the ones that can regenerate and nurture the soil faster.

This is something for us to learn in our path of growth and progression both as individuals and as a collective. Sometimes we can't go from A to Z, but need to take the right steps that will nurture us and prepare us to reach our most ambitious goals.

And to go back to the garden, your newly planted seeds, will eventually grow enough to leave no room for those nasty weeds to grow. This of course, takes some careful observation and knowledge. Or you can just start planting and see what happens.

So, look at your [inner] garden and decide what you want to do with it :)

PS: the world is actually a garden! No limits to what we can do with our garden though

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